Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn: photos of passionate kisses

So we had never really seen them. They, who have always been tenaciously discreet in this love story, which has been going on for almost 6 years now, let themselves be surprised by the paparazzi of Tmz. The well-known American gossip site that misses nothing. For the first time Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were photographed kissing passionately. Do you understand why the shots, of which you can see a preview above, have inflamed social media? Because they tell of fiery hugs in the paradisiacal sea of ​​the Bahamas. During a vacation she wrote the word love in every gesture.

Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn

The photos of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn together are very rare. The couple, in fact, took a vow of absolute discretion. For this reason, the photos of the romantic holiday with a high rate of passion have gone viral on social networks. Here are all the details. Ipa photo

Taylor Swift’s silence

More unique than rare images. Because after all they are a couple who are part of the entertainment world – she of music with some forays into cinema, he of cinema with some forays into music. But they have made it clear that they do not want to live this love publicly. Taylor Swift hinted something in the Netflix documentary, Miss Americana. Joe Alwyn a couple of months ago took the trouble to deny the rumors that they wanted them a step away from the altar.

Because Joe Alwyn doesn’t talk about the story with the singer

“If I had a pound (eh, the boy is British !, ed) for every time I was told I’m getting married, then I would have a lot of pound coins,” joked the Mary Queen of Scots actor (2018 ) with the Wall Street Journal. “In the sense, the truth is that if the answer were yes, I wouldn’t say it. And if the answer were no, I wouldn’t say it anyway ».

Joe Alwyn’s reasoning is simple: if you start talking about it, you empower people to ask for more and more. So, better not say anything at all. “We live in a culture where people always expect a lot. So if you don’t go public every time what you do, how you spend your day or how you made breakfast, does that make you a recluse? Sometimes I really wish I was less cautious in interviews. Or in any other kind of interaction with people, but mine is an instinctive response to the culture we live in. If you give in, you’ll have to open the door. ‘

The love between cinema and music

But that they are a solid and close-knit couple is written in every syllable that Swift has sung for six years now. Also because some of those phrases about her were written by Joe Awlyn. Co-author, under the pseudonym of William Bowery, of some songs from his record album Folklore.

And he advised and helped her when she decided to get behind the camera to make a short film based on one of his songs. All Too Well: The Short Film just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Just as he was busy promoting Stars at Noona romantic thriller by the French director Claire Deniswhich was in competition at Cannes 2022. Where it won the Grand Prix.


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