Posada of workers of a perfumery goes viral

Mexico.- Through social networks, viralized the video of an inn between employees where they have to pick up the bills from the floor with a spatula and everything they take with them will be their Christmas bonus.

The video was shared on the TikTok account @perfumex_ where you can see an employee with a glass bowl and a spatula, trying to collect the 500 peso and dollar bills from the pee.

The video quickly went viral due to the creative way of playing, as the workers have to cover their eyes and use a spatula to increase the difficulty, however you can see how they can grab a large sum of money in the inn game.

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The recording already has more than 134 thousand reactions and 700 comments, in addition to the fact that it has already been Played over 4 million times.

Everything you grab will be your bonus!“Says the person who is recording the funny moment.

Social media users commented on the video and asked if they “had vacancies.”

Others pointed out ways to be able to grab more bills off the ground.

“How much was it? I want to know?” and the answer is that the woman in the video I get to collect up to 7500 pesos.

“With what he grabbed, he buys Venezuela,” someone wrote with humor.

And the person was not lacking in putting “GPI”, it should be noted that the @perfumex_ account already has 591 thousand followers.

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Posada of workers of a perfumery goes viral

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