Piqué gets in the way

Shakira did not imagine that things could get worse after the separation from Gerard Piqué, but instead for her there are other problems.

They are not easy days for Shakirastruggling with a life to put back together later the painful separation with Gerard Piqué. The end of a relationship that had been brewing for months, with the Colombian singer’s attempts to put her pieces back together – at least a couple of times she has tried since the beginning of the year – and yet the football player of the Barcelona increasingly distant from that love that lasted 12 years, which seemed an eternal fairy tale and instead was a glossy illusion. The last few times have been the way of the cross that has marked the stations of the torment of Shakira’s heart: the suspicions about her partner, the private investigator put on her heels, the discovery of the betrayal with a girl who is half her age, the player who returns to live in his house as a bachelor.

Shakira and Piqué, the collage of a love that lasted 12 years: hugs and victories

Shakira and Piqué, the collage of a love that lasted 12 years: hugs and victories

In between the children, Milan and Sasha, and all the rest outside: the career to pursue, with a smile that can never fail in public, not Shakira, the world icon of Latin American music. But there is also the ugly face of success and fame out there, the one that can give you the worst thoughts: everyone knows where you live and that you are now a single woman, therefore courteous. Which for some altered mind can mean something different: become the stalker of your dream woman, finally free from bonds.

On Tuesday morning, the singer woke up with a surprise she really didn’t want to find: there were phrases on the way for her, written in green paint. She suitor words for those who had drawn them, words to call the police immediately for Shakira: “I love you, my beautiful woman“,”I came here for you, my love“,”I am ready to marry you right now and support you“. According to the Spanish media, the police – although intervened – could not stop the author of the writings, who is still free. Just as another stalker is free, who on several occasions has stolen the mail from the box under his house.

The world is collapsing on Piqué, Xavi and Barcelona now want to get rid of him

All this certainly does not help Shakira to metabolize the emotional upheavals of her life and therefore the singer can’t wait to leave the house in Barcelona where she lives with her children, to move to Miami, destined to become her new place in the world, taking with her parents too, who followed her to Spain years ago. After all, it seems that the 45-year-old Colombian has never been well received in the footballer’s environment and that her best friend in Iberia, that is Piqué’s mother, no longer has a good relationship with her.

Shakira and Piqué in the midst of their love

Shakira and Piqué in the midst of their love

But Shakira’s desire to escape must necessarily pass through the green light of the 35-year-old ex-partner, because if it is true that they have never married, it is equally true that the decisions on the two children will have to be shared. Well, according to what they claim in Spain, it is very likely that the future home of Milan and Sasha will be the subject of a legal battle, with a court called to establish rights and duties. The two children are already on a school vacation, so according to Shakira nothing would prevent them from taking them to Miami to enjoy the Florida beach and sea for at least a couple of months.

But Piqué, himself on vacation and photographed in Sweden with a young blonde who is supposed to be the 22-year-old Catalan he lost his mind for, he would get in the way, forbidding his children to leave Spain. The singer’s desire to escape from a past that makes her suffer and from a present that frightens her cannot ignore the fact that children follow her and to do so, the authorization of the player is required. The refusal opposed by Piqué would be based on the fact that a long time away from paternal grandparents would end up affecting the children: the footballer’s parents have lived daily with the little ones since they were born, as they live in the neighboring house. So the Barcelona defender tries to protect that bond and won’t allow them to go two months without seeing each other. “The relationship between them is very tense, very distant, and the negotiations will be very tough“explains a Catalan journalist. No, fairy tales don’t always end well.

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