Movies that show us the dark side of drugs

The films themed with drugs They are not usually happy, especially if they remain faithful to the reality behind addictions, knowing that they are going to show us the darkest side of hitting rock bottom, reaching the fatal consequences of entering this complicated and bitter world, although there are cases in which we see the light at the end of the tunnel, some others leave us with a bitter taste in our mouths after the credits roll.

Why watch addiction movies?

As we mentioned earlier, the movies that show us the dark side of drugs they can be quite difficult to watch, however, there are strong reasons to look into these very realistic films, especially if you are dealing with a personal addiction or that of a loved one, even out of sheer curiosity to learn more about it.

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The film is inspired by the memoirs of Nicholas Sheff and his battle against his addictions, on top of this, also gives us an overview of how they can affect our loved ones, being beautiful boy a realistic approach to the world of alcohol and drugs, giving us excellent performances by Steve Carell Y Timothy Chalamet.

Traffic is without a doubt one of the best movies about drug abuse, with stories that interconnect about the trafficking of illicit substances in USA and it is so well grounded that it won four prizes from the Academy.

Heaven Knows What is inspired by real events, taking the life of ariel holmeswhile sleeping on the streets and dealing with his heroin addiction.

There is a pattern with this top and it is that many of these tapes are inspired by real events and The Basketball Diaries is not the exception, because it touches the lives of Jim Carroll and his heroin addiction, with a performance by Leonardo Dicaprio worthy of a Oscar.

Let us remember that alcohol is also a drug, the only thing that changes is the fact that it is legal, therefore, more accepted by society, however, Everything Must Goone of the first serious roles of Will Ferrellshows us the life of Rick Halsey and how his relapse into alcoholism leads him to lose his job, his marriage, and his home.

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Half Nelson brings us to Ryan Gosling with one of his strongest performances, playing a cocaine-addicted public school teacher and basketball coach.

Trainspotting is one of the most brutal films about heroin addiction, where we can see the consequences of this drug to the bottom.

Less Than Zero is starring Robert Downey Jr. and it seems autobiographical, since long before being Hombre de Hierro, RDJ He had a strong fight against addictions, even to the point of going to jail.

Nicolas Cage stars in this drama where he gives life to ben sandersonwho moves to Las Vegas to drink himself to death, where he falls in love with a prostitute named It will beinterpreted by elizabeth shue (karate Kid).

This masterpiece directed by Darren Aronofsky It shows us four stories of four characters full of dreams and hopes, as they fall into a spiral of addictions, while their ambitions are crushed.

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