Megan Fox’s Makeup Artist Reveals the Secret to Using Cream Contour

The makeup artist explained how to do the contour that she uses on the actress.

The makeup artist explained how to do the contour that she uses on the actress.

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since last year Megan fox She has once again become one of the most talked about women internationally, although her commitment to the singer Machine Gun Kelly has given a lot to talk about, her style has caught the attention of many who identify with her aesthetics.

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The clothes that the actress uses are torn between the sexy, the classic and the gothic, however, her makeup, which goes between the natural and the glamorous, is a detail worthy of copying.

Megan Fox’s makeup artist is nothing more and nothing less than Ash K Holman artist who has worked for some of the members of the Kardashian Jenner or Ariana Grande clan, surely you have come across her work somewhere post On Instagram.

Considering Holm’s impressive resume, it’s easy to trust her when she decides to share her wisdom and secret tips that anyone can adopt into their makeup routine.

However, she is not at all reserved and through her Instagram posts she usually gives the best advice on the subject. In one of her recent videos, the artist focused on one of the favorite topics of many, the contouring or outline.

In this content, the makeup artist emphasizes using creamy contour and what her routine is about it, especially when it comes to the look fierce of Megan Fox, without looking fake or “muddy (muddy)” as she says.

Makeup trick: Step by step to achieve Megan Fox’s contour

The MUA begins by mapping where she applies the product, using “the top of her ear as a guide.” With the help of her fingertips, apply with touches of bronzer or creamy contour on your cheekbones, jawline, forehead, the sides of the bridge of your nose, and your eyelids.

The product she uses is not available in Colombia, but in the local market there are various alternatives, including some that are very cheap.

After that, the makeup artist blend the product with the help of a damp sponge vertically and with light touches so as not to alter the base below.

To increase the effect slightly, without making it look too heavy, Ash puts more product into the palm of her hand, diffuses it with her sponge, and reapplies it to her face, bouncing it over her cheeks. She performs the same procedure with a creamy highlighterobviously not in the same parts that you applied the bronzer or contour, but in the upper parts of the face.

The result is incredible, the face looks much slimmer, the features look more prominent and best of all, it gives that tanned touch that so many people are looking for.

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