Kourtney Kardashian reveals the drink that helped her overcome COVID-19

kourtney kardashian it gave positivefor the second time, to Covid-19. Just a few hours ago, it was announced that the oldest of the Kardashians had tested positive for coronavirus a couple of weeks ago, but he is fine and happy. This was reported through their page, where they assure that now it was much better compared to the first time where I had no idea how to handle it or what to do about it.

Before this situation And with all the intention of recovering as well as possible, she has shared some things that have helped her and that she has learned thanks to the specialists to cope with the disease, which for some time made the entire planet feel terrified. Within some of her recommendations, Kourtney She assures that she could not let go of her thermometer, since she assures that she does not feel complete if she does not have it.

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