Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have married in a secret wedding

The actor and the singer would have given the “yes, I want” in an exclusive resort in Georgia

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck wedding


It seems that finally The love story between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck has ended in a wedding. Although, since they resumed their relationship after 20 years apart, both had expressed their desire to marry, their followers expected images of one of the most anticipated links in Hollywood, but it has not been like that.

In fact, the news of the “yes, I want” comes from several American media, echoing the information that the residents of a ‘resort’ in Georgia (USA), in which the link supposedly took place, published on the networks social.

Here you can see the luxurious location, 5 stars and within reach only of privileged pockets:

As suspected, the wedding of the year has not lacked detail. In fact, there was talk of astronomical figures that the lovers had in mind to celebrate their history. Budgets of 60 million dollars were being considered!

It is for all this that there is no lack of those who think that so much secrecy around their link has a clear reason: an exclusive multimillionaire with which to amortize so much expense.

more and more in love

Be that as it may, Ben and Jennifer have resumed their romance as if it hadn’t been two decades since they first fell in love. As we can see through their social networks, the actor and the singer cannot be better together.

In this link you can see the luxurious house of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck of 45 million euros.

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