her baby is born, but she can’t tell

Internet theories sometimes seem like a small child putting together a complicated puzzle: if the idea fits, however tightly, it’s valid. And more or less that is what has happened with the latest theory about Kylie Jenner and the baby she is expecting: not only has it already been born but there is a great reason for not having made it public.

Image of rapper Travis Scott, during Paris Fashion Week 2021.

The truth is that the youngest among the Kardashians is lately further away from social networks due to the Astroworld tragedy during the concert of her partner, Travis Scott. She does not mean that an event such as the birth of her second child (After the first, Stormi Webster, also the daughter of the businesswoman and the rapper) has been kept top secret according to fans, who do not believe that Jenner is still pregnant, as explained by media such as Heart.

In fact, as a few weeks ago Travis Barker, Kourtney Kardashian’s partner, escaped, an image on Instagram in which a baby bottle was seen, many of the followers of the entire family have speculated that the baby has already been born but that it has not been shown to the world… by contract.

Taking into account that the new reality show of the Kardashians on the Hulu platform (which is part of the Disney+ complex), the idea would be to start this new professional adventure with the birth of little instead of starting with other recent current moments in the family such as Kim Kardashian’s divorce, Kourtney’s marriage proposal or Tristan Thompson’s new infidelity to Khloé Kardashian, who has been signed by an ex, Lamar Odom.

This theory must necessarily be based on the fact that the baby was premature (perhaps due to the upset caused by the tragedy at the festival that caused ten deaths and hundreds of injuries), since By dates the birth is scheduled for next February. This means, finally, that Kylie Jenner’s recent publications, of the few that she is doing at this time, are from several months ago and never current.

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