Fame | Giovanni Medina’s house is a hostile place for Ninel Conde’s meetings with her son-El Sol de México

Ninel Conde says that she will no longer see little Emmanuel at Giovanni Medina’s house since it is a very hostile place against her, because there they treat her like a little doll: “Today you can see your son. Today, it’s better to retire.”

Ninel assures: “I love my son very much, but it doesn’t do him any good to see a handicapped mother, whom they hold tight and snap her fingers and watch each of her blinks as they do with me.”

Ninel feels that she is being charged a very high price to see her son and assures that if the judge does not allow her to see her son in a more neutral place, she will not see him anymore!

Only the spoon knows what is at the bottom of the pot, but the children who see that hell in which their parents burn, can already read everything, because it is written on any screen and that therapy burns anyone.

Although Ninel and Giovanni had their “asgunes”, she feels that in Giovanni’s house, which is where she has had to see her son until now, they treat her as if she does not deserve to see her own child.

Camila Cabello has fun on the beach without poses

There is a serious disease, which is rather an epidemic to show us off without clothes, to be seen ‘how hot I am’, and the only one that has half a brain, that does reason and knows that the beach is for going to sunbathe and to have fun, not so they can see your sculptural body is the interpreter who sings My favorite personCamila Cabello who was caught on the beach with extra pounds and cellulite and she accused whoever pointed her out and said: “They say I exhibit my miseries on the beach, but I went to have fun and I’m having a good time, I do know what is the beach for and not just to be posing”.

He says: “My self-esteem is not impaired, it’s fine, thank you, they don’t want to make me appear as a victim for not having a perfect body, I have fun with my body and that’s the image I want to give because that’s who I am.”

What a delight to see Cynthia Klitbo and Azela Robinson in nobody’s wife

See a performance as well accomplished as the one Cynthia Klitbo and Azela Robinson do in the telenovela nobody’s wife it is a delight.

Cynthia has the perfect timing, her husband dies and dressed in black she goes from the funeral to the casino to gamble because she is a gambler and when they ask her: “Didn’t your husband die?”, she answers: “Yes, but the dead to the well and the living to joy.”

Congratulations to the producer Giselle González, how well accomplished this story is, the scenery, costumes and acting are superb, no wonder the novel breaks ratings records, it has nothing left over or lacking!

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