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A paparazzi took legal action against the singer


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It seems ironic, but Dua Lipa was sued for the second time by a paparazzi who accused her of using the photos she took without the singer’s permission.

It is not the first time that the British has had legal problems, since the interpreter, who is also in the middle of accusations of plagiarism, had already been sued before for using photographs taken by an agency; on this occasion it is the photographer Robert Barrera who claims that she used her images for her own commercial benefit.

According to the accusations filed in the District Court of California, United States, the singer made a copyright infringement when she posted the photo of herself to her Instagram.

“Without Plaintiff’s permission or authorization, Defendant willfully selected, copied, stored and displayed each of Plaintiff’s copyrighted photographs,” attorney for the case Craig Sanders told Billboard.

The plaintiffs ask that they be financially compensated, since they request that they be paid damages and return everything they earned from the image that has already been removed from the artist’s networks.

It should be noted that two years ago, the photographer tried to do the same with Ariana Grande and in 2013 with Justin Bieber, losing those cases.

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