Christian Bale has not seen The Batman for this reason

Actor Christian Bale played the Dark Knight in three movies but has yet to see Robert Pattinson’s version in The Batman.

In 2005, the director Christopher Nolan restarted the beloved hero of DC Comics and to interpret BruceWayne chose to Christian balean actor who had a great film career and who could give a different version with regard to the films of the 90s. The following years completed the trilogy with premieres in 2008 and 2012. Then the role fell into the hands of Ben Affleck and now he interprets it Robert Pattinson that has premiered batman a few months ago.

While Christian bale has returned to the superhero movies, since it is hat in Thor: Love and Thunder of Marvel Studios and in a recent interview promoting this film he has revealed the reason why he has not yet seen batman.

“I have not seen it yet. I’ll see. Listen mate, I… It’s amazing how few movies I see. All the directors I work with, I’ve seen a couple of his films, and they always say to me: Are you kidding me? I really like to savor movies, and I don’t want to see too many. But I will, I certainly will. Robert Pattinson is an absolutely wonderful actor. We met, he talked about it a little bit ahead of time, and I hear wonderful things ».

Hopefully the actor Christian bale can see the movie soon batman that he surely likes a lot, since it is a different vision than what he did with Christopher Nolan. Furthermore, the performance of Robert Pattinson it’s impressive, so it deserves to be given that opportunity.

Meanwhile, we can see Christian bale What hat in Thor: Love and Thunder Starting July 8, 2022 in theaters worldwide. Let’s hope that his performance is shocking and leaves us one of the best villains in the whole world. Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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