Angelina Jolie suffers a mishap with her extensions

The problem with Angelina’s look is that “it’s excessively long hair and whoever did it didn’t know how to integrate it,” says Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez. “With such disproportionate lengths, it is difficult to integrate the extensions, because the layers would have to be very long so as not to be noticed. In addition, it must be taken into account that the extensions, no matter how much they have acquired a great quality in recent times, have a different fall. But it is also that, to integrate these extensions into such long hair, they must be worked with thinning scissors and a razor so that they blend with the rest of the hair. The fact that the hair is so straight doesn’t help either, the extensions should be shorter and play with the waviness to hide them.”

On the other hand, we have also spoken with Alejandro Cabanillas, from Tacha Castellana, who assures that to put extensions there are three things that are very important: “the previous diagnosis, that the professional is trained to apply them correctly and the cut“. “When you wear extensions it is essential that the stylists know how to cut well to blend those extensions with natural hair because before and after placing them you have to blend and adapt the cut of the extensions with your own hair to integrate it and make it look more natural possible”.

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