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Walter Hamadathe executive producer of the saga Aquaman and corporate president of DCdeclared during the media trial between the actors Johnny Depp Y Amber Heardresponding to the actress in which she assured that as a result of the judgment his role in the sequel Aquaman has lost importance.

Hamada assured that the role of Heard was never reduced in the sequel, but that ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘ was always intended to focus on the main character, played by Jason Momoaand his friend, played by patrick wilsonfor which the role of Heard went to second place.

Faced with the actions of Momoa and Heard the producer assured that “they didn’t have much chemistry together. The truth is that it is not uncommon that in movies two protagonists have no chemistry and it’s a kind of magic cinematographic and editorial, the ability to put performances together with the magic of a great score and the way you put the pieces together, you can manufacture that chemistry.”

“In the end, when you see the movieThey seem to have great chemistry. But I know that over the course of the post productionIt took a lot of effort to get it. Sometimes you just put the characters together on screen and they work,” said the executive.

“It’s like what makes a movie star be a movie star. You know it when you see it. The chemistry it wasn’t there, it was movie It was more difficult because of the lack of chemistry between the two,” added Hamada.

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