after the farewell to Piqué a nightmare episode

Fear for Shakira, after the separation from Piqué a nightmare episode occurred for her.

In recent weeks nothing else has been talked about, the break between Shakira and Piqué could not fail to be in the spotlight around the world. If at the beginning the rumors about it seemed to be only indiscretions, now there is confirmation.

Fear of shakira, bad episode
Fear for Shakira, after the breakup with Piqué a bad episode (Credits: instagram)

It was the singer who formalized the separation from the player through a press release. We do not know exactly what she pushed to break up after years, there are many rumors about it, but neither of them before the statement and after she wanted to say anything else.

For Shakira it is not a good time for the personal sphere but it will certainly be in the workplace since just a few days ago she shared her new single entitled Don’T Worry sung with David Guetta and Black Eyes Peas.

Unfortunately, after leaving Piquè a nightmare episode occurred for her: let’s see what happened.

Fear for Shakira, after the farewell to Piqué a nightmare episode for the singer

The news of the separation of Shakira and Piqué went around the world. Initially there was talk of an indiscretion, sensational we can say, but a few days later the truth arrived. The singer with a press note has formalized the end of the story with the footballer, after years together and two children, born in 2013 and 2015.

shakira bad episode
Credits. instagram

It is not a good time for the artist at least as regards the private sphere and in the last few days a new episode has been added to make these days difficult. As reported by the Fanpage site, the singer was seized by fear in her home. A bad episode occurred between Sunday and Monday, looking out he would have found on the road some writings, some love messages from a suitor. The sentences said: “I love you my beautiful woman ”,“ I came here for you my love ”,“ I am ready to marry you right now and support you ”.

A message that took on a bad meaning for the singer: a man had presented himself in her house, thus suddenly entering her life. Shakira, as reported by the fanpage, frightened by the incident would have called the police. This, apparently, is not the first time this has happened, the singer has already experienced such an episode.

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