10 reasons to visit Las Vegas

Why does everyone come back from Las Vegas fascinated? What does this luminous piece of desert have, an illusory trompe l’oeil, raised from nothing in the 1920s by tycoons of dubious scruples? We offer 10 compelling reasons for you to visit, detail and enjoy right now this oasis of dreaming and decorated with countless movies where you can unleash your madness, at least once in your life. Because you know: everything that happens there stays there.

To the city of sin, the neons and the casinos non-stop It only lacked the furious roar of Formula 1 to complete its offer of leisure and grandiloquence, of supreme spectacle, of even more difficult. The great rolling circus will stop in November 2023 in Las Vegas, with an urban and night circuit that will have the famous Strip as a straight line of grandstands and that according to the simulators will be the fastest test of the entire calendar: even Fernando Alonso believes that speeds close to 360 kilometers per hour can be reached. All this redouble the brilliance for the capital of Snowfallwhich shamelessly exhibits many attractions.

1.- Say yes, I want like Elvis and Marilyn

It’s also worth dressing Dracula and Morticia, Batman and Robin, Peggy and Kermit the Frog… There are so many possibilities to costumes, the offer of chapels is so great and the prices are so cheap (for around 100 dollars you already have your license) that not getting married -or remarrying- in Las Vegas is unforgivable if you travel with your partner. A memory almost instantaneous and hilarious in which you don’t even need the in-laws as witnesses, but rather the desire to have a good time and a limousine at the exit to give you a ride through the just married!. In addition, getting married in this way is deliciously viralizable by social networks.


.- Let yourself be fooled by David Copperfield and the Cirque du Soleil

From Frank Sinatra to Celine Dion, Las Vegas has been a kind of exile or gold withdrawal for world artists who prefer to set up a long-term base camp in Nevada than to go on a tiresome tour with their private jet. In these times the eternal magician is still announced David Copperfield, saint and be it the MGM hotel, to which we can add the options of Cirque du Soleil (with shows about The Beatles and Michael Jackson) and The Phantom of the Opera, as well as shows that recreate jousts from Camelot and endless burlesque shows . We recommend getting tickets in advance, because magically they fly…

3.- Go up to the “stratosphere”

It is, without a doubt, the best viewpoint from the city. At 350 meters high rises the Stratosphere tower, or Strat, which also acts as a hotel and casino on its ground floor. At its peak, mounted next to the viewpoint, attractions not suitable for sensitive heartsNamely SkyPod or the mechanical arm that spins you at 3G speeds, X-Scream or the roller coaster that shoots you out into the void, and Big Shot, a yo-yo that rides up and down the pinnacle at breakneck speeds. The most exciting, the Sky Jump, a kind of zip line mixed with bungee jumping in which you jump from the viewpoint, go down like a spark and land like a feather on the ground. Breathless…

4.- Stroll through the Grand Canyon

To the architectural show and papier mâché from the city adds the natural attraction of the Grand Canyon. This geological formation in which the Colorado River was drawing and drilling in a thousand-year-old channel, is one of the oldest National Parks. legendary on the face of the earth. There are many excursions, but we recommend two; the first, a helicopter flight over the Hoover Dam and having a picnic of champagne and luxury appetizers in the middle of the Canyon (with a low-flying flight back over the Strip that is not forgotten, with the hotels and casinos turning on their lights) and the second, a walk along the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass walkway located in Grand Canyon West which is 1,300 meters from the ground.

5.- Rob the bank of the Casino…

…Or at least try it legally by playing dice, roulette, black Jack, texas hold’em poker… We don’t recommend the Ocean’s Eleven-style heist. The Bellagio, due to its aesthetics, its set of fountains and its charm, is the most recommended to tempt the sibyls and luck; also drop by Rio, where the final stages of the poker world championship are played every year, Caesars Palace (with the Omnia nightclub as a magnet, where you can run into Paris Hilton), the MGM and its emerald brilliance or the Venetian where you can buy used decks in their stores for a few dollars in the middle of cardboard canals.

6.- Ride the tallest Ferris wheel in the world

company ownership Caesar’s EntertainmentThe High Roller has become another magnetic icon of the city and the main attraction of The Linq, leisure area, shops and restaurants on the main strip area, across from Caesars Palace. This commercial street was inaugurated in 2014 and includes the aforementioned noriathe tallest in the world with its 167.6 meters in diameter – which is also adorned with more than 1,500 LED lights – surpassing its sisters London Eye (133 meters), Star of Nanchang (160 meters) and Singapore Flyer (165 meters). ).

7.- Jump from a zip line from a slot machine

Fremont is the area with the most charm from old down town from Las Vegas, where the first casinos were built that still preserve their old slot machines, their escai sofas and their starlets with feather suits. Fremont has a state-of-the-art LED roof where a light and sound show is projected to the tune of American Pie every day. In this place are accommodated the old neons that are remodeled and rehabilitated in The Neon Museum (on the outskirts of the city) and that were iconic for decades but fell into oblivion after the sale or disappearance of hotels and casinos. SlotZilla, the world’s largest slot machine from which to leave your shirt… on a zip line for just 50 dollars, is also accommodated here.

8.- Have dinner surrounded by Picassos

And let Segovian chef Julin Serrano serve you the menu, two Michelin stars, and tell you in person how life is going for our countryman in Las Vegas. A haute cuisine of the best French product and technique with which Julin Serrano Iglesias has triumphed for decades. He has fed celebrities (Tom Cruise, George Clooney) and US presidents (Obama) in the most cubist restaurant in the world, with 11 works by the painter from Malaga on its walls valued at 25 million euros.

9.- Join the Mafia for a day

Because the Cosa Nostra, linked to the birth and development of this city of entertainment capital, has its own museum. The Mob Museum, officially known as the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, is located on Stewart Avenue, just two blocks from the aforementioned Fremont Street Experience. An interactive three-hour journey detailing the adventures of Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Malone, Al Capone…

10.- Visit the Valley of Death

As a finishing touch to such an august getaway, I ended up in one of the most inhospitable places in the world, with infinite and poetic esplanades where spots of cars at full throttle are filmed. Not see a soul for miles around. This is Death Valley, with its joshua trees that inspired the U2 album, its salty Badsin Water 86 meters below sea level, its ghostly motels, its Dante viewpoint… All just two hours from the blinding Vegas.

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