With Jennifer Lopez, 90s lips with dark contours are back

As her career took off internationally, we saw her wearing different types of lip liner for visually increase the size of the lips. As the main trends of the time established, J.Lo outlined the lip contour with a thick brown line in a shade darker than the lipstick, which then went to fill in the center.

Jennifer Lopez in the 90s.

Albert L. Ortega

Lip makeup, centered on earthy shades shiny and opaque, and sometimes on more rosy shades, it was accompanied by thin eyebrows and eyelids illuminated by translucent eyeshadows. The hairstyles favored voluminous chignons, or hair gathered with free locks and scaled bangs.

The lip contour like Jennifer Lopez in the 2022 version

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To the brown shades, which are the most popular, are now added the vibrant shades of orange, purple, red and pink. But when Jenny from the Block takes up and updates this style, still relies on colors he knows bestalthough it is true that now the line is softer and more nuanced, and the lip they are bright, but not exaggerated. And here began the journey back in time …

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