Who is Tom Hank’s wife and how did they meet

Hollywood has representative and well-loved actors, among them one of the favorites is without a doubt Tom Hanks. the protagonist of forest gump In addition to his fame and talent, he has one of the most bulletproof marriages in the entire show, if you want to know how this came about love storyhere we show it to you.

Out of fashions, out of controversies and before the passing of the years, Tom Hanks has one of longest marriages in all of hollywoodwhich has resisted separations, crises and even the coronavirus pandemic, something that is certainly worthy of admiration.

How did Tom Hanks and his wife meet?

The owner of the heart of the double oscar winner it is Rita Wilson, is an actress who belongs to her generation and was even part of the cast of a television series in which she participated. It all started in the year 1980 when Tom Hanks recorded Bossom Buddiesor Amigos del Alma as it is known in Latin America.

The series starring Tom Hanks himself and Peter Scolari, which tells the story of a couple of single men and their misadventures, had a series of guests, including Rita Wilson. The crush between the two actors was immediate, however at that time the actor had been married since he was 22 years old.

Although at that time the actor did not think about divorce, his marriage in the following years did not go through the best moments and ended in 1985. Something that coincided with the Nicholas Mayer film Volunteers where Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson They were called as protagonists.

The attraction remained despite the years and they soon started dating and later on they got married in 1988forming one of the most stable couples, since after 30 years they have remained in love and have had two children: Chester Marlon and Truman Theodore.

The couple has remained together despite the problems they have faced throughout their lives, such as the drug addiction of one of their children, the illnesses of both famous hollywood actor like Rita, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014.

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But Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are living proof that all marriages also suffer from complicated moments that even led them to separate near their silver anniversary, but this breaking off did not last long, since shortly after they returned showing that their love had been strengthened and continues to this day, making them one of the most iconic couples in cinema.

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