The physical change of Emma Stone that everyone talks about and with which you will be surprised

Emma Stone She is a wonderful actress, a performer that any director would love to have in the cast of their next film. And she is something that she has shown in recent years with movies like The favorite, The city of stars (La La Land) either Irrational Manand series like manic. Now, although he has an extensive career behind him, he really is very young: He is only 33 years old, and his physical change has been very remarkable in recent years.

This has been the physical change of Emma Stone

His first steps in acting were made on television, with episodic appearances in series such as Drive Y lucky louie. Shortly after she appeared in super outgoing, A ball rocker Y A bunny on campus, films all of them with sexualization as a flag. But over time, the industry began to realize his worth, and he was cast in other more interesting films such as Crazy Stupid Loveand above all, maids and ladies.

In all this time, Emma Stone’s physical change has been more than evidentand this is something you can see with the naked eye in this comparison:

  • In the first image, Emma Stone I was just a teenager, with a look more typical of the 2000s. In addition, since then he has lost a lot of weight, changes typical of the passage from youth to adulthood. ❎
  • In the second, taken from one of his last red carpets, the clothes of Emma Stone It is much more in keeping with the important events to which it attends, it has much more vivid hair color (redhead and blonde in most cases) and its look is highlighted. ✅

What are the next Emma Stone movies?

Emma Stone She is an actress who chooses her projects very carefully, which is why she has few for the future. One of them is Cruella 2the sequel to the successful live-action that she starred in in 2021 and that earned her a nomination for best actress in a comedy at the Golden Globes. Furthermore, he is fortunate to have placed himself under the orders of Yorgos LanthimosGreek director who surprised us with Lobster Y The favouriteand who will now direct Poor Things with Emma Stone as protagonist.

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