The musical of ‘Back to the future’ premieres trailer and arrives in 2023

Return to the future It is one of the most beloved sagas in the cinematographic field. The saga, which had a 4K remastering a few years ago, is revered by fans. collectors and maintains in its footage some of the most famous icons of the Seventh Art such as the mythical DeLorean. Now, as they explain from The Hollywood Reporter and the official account of the saga, the Flux Capacitor will take us to Broadway thanks to the creation of an ambitious new musical of which we have the first trailer.

Marty McFly and Doc Brown will travel to Broadway in this musical from Return to the future

The tickets are on salewe have already seen a first advance and it seems that Universal goes with everything, but this musical of Return to the future is the best kept secret in Hollywood right now. The American media emphasize that it has been announced almost by surprise, and that at the moment, neither the names of the cast nor the theater in which the work will be premiered are known. It is true that adaptations and versions have been made in other European countries such as Germany, but the arrival in North America has surprised everyone. It is more, it cannot be confirmed if Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis or Bob Gale had anything to do with the production or are involved in this adaptation of the mythical science fiction trilogy.

Despite the fact that the memory of the saga remains alive and its actors do not rest with cameos, books and various films, it seems that the theme of musicals and Hollywood does not always go well. There are sagas, licenses and versions of well-known movies that have not finished working well in musicals or theater, while other scripts bury those responsible in money and end up becoming a triumph among viewers and fans of the genre. It is a complicated line to draw. In the past we have seen crazy ideas like the musical of hidden youthand directors like Spike Lee have announced that they are interested in Broadway.

Hopefully this time the house goes well. The original film of Return to the future they premiere in 1985with Zemeckis behind the cameras and a cast led by Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thomson, and Crispin Glover. Its two great protagonists have met several times for charitable causes. Will they have a cameo or appear in this musical?

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