The director of “Top Gun: Maverick” and two great stars are responsible for “The head of the spider”, top ten on Netflix

A connection emerges between two inmates battling their pasts in a state-of-the-art prison run by a brilliant visionary experimenting with emotion-altering drugs. (Netflix)

spider’s head It is a film that starts full of promises. Known actors and a production with ambitious ideas. A thriller with elements of science fiction and denunciation. The specific period of scientific evolution that counts is not completely defined, but it is the least important. Science has advanced and an ambitious experiment is taking place in an isolated part of the world called Spiderhead. A kind of modern and sophisticated Alcatraz that looks like a prison, a clinic or the lair of the villain of a James Bond movie, maybe it is a bit of all three.

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Chris Hemsworth is one of the protagonists of fiction.  (Netflix)
Chris Hemsworth is one of the protagonists of fiction. (Netflix)

The inmates there, men and women, are subjected, with their approval, to scientific experiments in which they are administered substances that affect their feelings. The one in charge of administering the drugs and studying the prisoners is Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth), a character who looks very nice and kind. He and his assistant answer to a board of directors that never shows up on the spot. Different drugs produce different reactions that lead to different moods and these are supplied with a device placed on the prisoners’ waist, being able to remotely reduce or increase the dose. One of the interns, Jeff (Miles Teller), struggles daily to overcome the pain of a tragedy caused by him and because of that he accepts the reckless deal. But he will be the first to distrust.

Jurnee Smollett is Lizzy and Miles Teller is Jeff in "spider's head".  (Netflix)
Jurnee Smollett is Lizzy and Miles Teller is Jeff in “The Head of the Spider.” (Netflix)

The viewer will notice, from the beginning, that the whole project has something dangerous and irresponsible, but everyone reluctantly accepts, until Jeff begins to perceive the dark side of the whole project. The film deals with this conflict, which, as is evident, questions the limits of science and the abusive use that laboratories make of substances that can severely and irrevocably alter the patients who use them. In recent years, several movies and series have talked about the subject, but generally with specific complaints of handling by the creators of these drugs. dopesick, to mention one case, analyzed a true and real epidemic of addictions caused by an irresponsible pharmaceutical company. Here we choose not to use a real case and play a little more at fiction.

Scene from “The Head of the Spider”. (Netflix)

As a complaint it is somewhat confusing and contradictory and as a suspense film it is quite disappointing. The promise of having two stars is not enough. Miles Teller, who we can currently see in Top Gun: Maverick fulfills his role, while Chris Hemsworth, about to release a new film by Thor, he has no credibility in his character, he just never achieves the right tone. The film has trouble finding its place and it shows. The last third of the film is truly unsuccessful and ridiculous, particularly with regard to the tone that the film brought. Again it must be said, the ghost of the James Bond films looms again and again, but inappropriately.

"spider's head" is now available on the streaming platform.  (Netflix)
“The Spider’s Head” is now available on the streaming platform. (Netflix)

The funny thing is that, in addition to Miles Teller, the film has another member of Top Gun: Mavericknone other than its director, Joseph Kosinski. Separated by a month on their release date, the two films couldn’t be more different. Everything suggests that one of the two films was not made by him as far as artistic responsibility is concerned. Tom Cruise is in charge of carrying out a physical, powerful, exciting, cinematographic film, while Kosinski does the opposite in The head of the spider. In both cases, success is there. While the movie Top Gun: Maverick sweeps the global box office, Kosinski’s other film is at the top of Netflix.


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