The 3 most iconic SUVs in the Jurassic Park saga

The famous science fiction saga, created by Steven Spielberg, has never gone out of style. Dinosaurs, Jurassic Parks, adventures and… cars. Today we will delve into the 3 most iconic cars in the Jurassic Park saga. Then join us in this bold plot.

In 1993, what, at that time, was the last great creation of steven spielberg. Said director had already shown his conditions directing films like “Jaws” or “ET, the extraterrestrial”. But boy did he have a surprise in store.

Jurassic Park was the sensation as soon as it hit the big screen. That huge theme park, the luscious dinosaur shots, the soundtrack – it all worked in Jurassic Park’s debut.

After the debut came, in 1997, the sequel. “Jurassic Park: The Lost World”, and then the third “jurassic park III”. Today, we are facing a revitalization of the saga, since as of 2015 the story was resumed under the name of Jurassic World.

Today, to celebrate the creation of Spielberg, we will review the three cars that marked the saga forever. Join us on this adventure.

3. Mercedes AMG G-63, from Jurassic World (2015)

Mercedes AMG G-63, from Jurassic World.

In 2015, the long-awaited continuation of the saga arrived, which had entered an interregnum starting in 2001. Jurassic World filled theaters around the globe. Starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, directed by Colin Treverrow, this film is set 22 years after the famous Jurassic Park.

Undoubtedly, a crazy off-road vehicle stands out in this film, capable of handling uncertain terrain. Its about Mercedes-AMG G-63. This vehicle is special for filming and has a distinctive character: 6 wheels. That’s right, the Jurassic World Mercedes is 6×6.

2. Ford Explorer XLT, from jurassic-park (1993)

Ford Explorer XLT, from Jurassic Park.

In the debut of jurassic-park it was all a novelty. Directed by steven spielberg and starring Sam Neill and Laura Dern, this film was a sensation. The plans of the great Park with music by John Williams, before the scandal, remained forever in the memory of the seventh art.

However, to fulfill the Park’s operational tasks, an efficient 4×4 was required. And what better than the latest Ford model for it. Precisely the Ford Explorer XLT, dated 1992, was another protagonist of the film. You will remember the snout of the T-Rex “playing” with this off-roader.

1. Jeep Wrangler YJ, from jurassic-park (1993)

Jeep Wrangler YJ, from Jurassic Park.

Stand up, ladies and gentlemen. Perhaps one of the most iconic participations of the automotive industry in Hollywood cinema, fighting inch by inch with the Aston Martin DB5 of james-bond. The Jeep Wrangler YJconvertible and customized in paint, takes the honors.

You will remember the night chase scene, starring the Wrangler, where the beast of the T-Rex wants to reach it at full gallop. Vertigo and action the order of the day. Let’s celebrate these moments of union between automotive culture and cinema.

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