Someone has recreated Marvel’s Spider-Man in Fortnite, and it’s the perfect excuse if you can’t wait to play it on PC.

The arrival of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC overtaking on the right to returnal, rumored and semi-confirmed by Steam itself, surprised many. The launch of the arachnid hero on this platform after the success, recognition and intention of Sony to continue expanding its universe, will give PC gamers the chance to fully enjoy one of the superheroic adventures funniest in years.

However, the arrival of our friend and neighbor will still be expected until this next August 2nd —with Miles Morales coming to this platform at the end of the year—, which is why the player ThePeacefulGhost wanted liven up the hours and days until release with a brilliantly designed map of the hero’s New York in Fortnite. Obviously, one of the advantages of having achieved this is having the character in the battle royale from Epic Games since last season.

Still, this does not detract from outstanding work. This personalized map transfers the skyscrapers, streets and other important areas of the Big Apple to the Epic Games video game and its first look does not disappoint absolutely. In this case, the user replaces the net-shooters that accompany the character —and which have not had the desired reception— for the grappling gun, much more consistent with the character and what can be expected of him in a video game.

Spider-Man in Fortnite will release a brutal and exclusive skin, and we will tell you what its release date is

Far from being a creation that we can only enjoy by seeing it through our screen, the player has shared the code of the world so that we can all enjoy swinging in Fortnite. To do this, we will only have to access the menu of creative mode and enter the code 9635-2275-6900 to access this custom map. Of course, this New York will not be available to play in the classic Fortnite modes, but it certainly de-stresses swinging like the spider hero through its streets.

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