posted her photos on Instagram without permission

Dua Lipa was sued for posting some photos on Instagram without permission.

Dua Lipa (photo Antony Jones / Getty Images for Spotify)

Dua Lipa (photo Antony Jones / Getty Images for Spotify)

Dua Lipa will have to answer once again before a court of having posted on Instagram a photo of a paparazzo without authorization. Even famous people must respect copyright, which is why the photographer Robert Barbera, who has been taking photos of VIPs for years, has decided to denounce the pop star for posting a photo of her in July 2018 on his social networks without paying him the rights and this would have provoked an increase in contacts for the singer who would have used it without paying the photographer due.

“Without the plaintiff’s permission or authorization, the defendant voluntarily selected, copied, archived and displayed all copyrighted photographs belonging to the plaintiff – reads the photographer’s complaint, written by his lawyer. The photos taken in July 2018, which portrayed Dua Lipa with a black sweater and the words HEROES, have meanwhile been deleted from the singer’s social networks.

Formerly Dua Lipa she had had to face a lawsuit from an agency called Integral Images and like them Barbera also claimed that the singer used those photos to promote her image, her products and her music, however damaging the photographer and the potential market. According to the plaintiff, in fact, those photos would have increased the traffic of people towards the singer’s account. Barbera had tried to solve the matter outside the classroom but it seems that at a certain point the communication with the singer’s staff was interrupted.

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The photographer asked for damages and the payment of the profits attributable to that activity as well as prohibiting the singer from using her images again. The photographer is no stranger to these requests and in the past he had also sued Ariana Grande in May 2019 and 2020 for posting photos of her on Instagram without her permission, and Justin Bieber for the same reasons. The singer solved everything outside the courtroom.

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