Mojang strengthens Minecraft’s ban and reporting system with update 1.19.

Minecraft is one of the most important games in history, which ten years after its launch continues to be talked about. That is why the absence of this feature in the Mojang title draws our attention.

As in any online game, Minecraft has its rules of behavior. Those users who violate these rules could be reported by other members of the communitywhether by cheating, foul language, or other acts.

However, it is a fact that Minecraft has never been too strict in this regard. This will change forever with update 1.19, which will arrive on June 28.


Minecraft: The Wild Update – Launch Trailer

This patch marks the arrival of Minecraft 1.19.1 on all platforms. Mojang has detailed all the changes on his official blog, although the aforementioned feature is the biggest new thing in sight.

Hereinafter, Minecraft will show a warning screen to all users who have violated any rules of the online game. In case it is punishable by bans or bans, the game interface will notify you.

According to Mojang’s statement, first a warning screen will be displayed. In it we can see the reason why we can be banned and how long the ban on playing online will last.

minecraft alley

This is not the only novelty of the interface, of course. Hereinafter all players who accumulate reports will be reviewed by the moderator (both in Minecraft and in Realms), and will be banned if the administrator so decides.

Mojang specifies that reports can now be notified via chatso there are more options to be able to report users who break the community rules.

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Minecraft Realms

Version 1.19.1 also brings a good handful of bug fixes and improvements. All Minecraft Java Edition players can install this patch through the official launcher.

minecraft is available in PC, mobile devices and all current consoles. We remind you that The Wild Update can now be downloaded for free, adding two new biomes, creatures (such as frogs) and other new features.

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