Minimize negative impacts, maximize social welfare

In these times of change and uncertainty, at least one thing is clear: we need to change the way we extract, process, use and dispose of our resourceslooking for ways to minimize negative impacts and maximize social welfare.

Achieving this goal requires a responsible and inclusive vision that brings together dynamic, multidisciplinary people and teams with diverse perspectives behind a common goal. This is a great challenge for 21st century engineering, but it is ultimately the only way to develop sustainable engineering that allows us to address the great challenges we face as a society.

In this sense, both in the academic and student worlds, there is a need for more women to be interested in, study and develop engineering, contributing not only their expert gaze, but also their leadership in projects with a positive impact, with less environmental impact, more responsible and sustainable.

Currently in the national industry, the numbers of women professionals in engineering are better than a couple of decades ago, however, according to figures from the study Labor Force of the Great Chilean Mining 2021-2030, the participation of women in the mining industry is 11.7%, which shows that, in one of the most important industries in our country, the female labor force is still very low. Therefore, from the academic world we see the urgency of encouraging more young women to face the challenge of developing a career in engineering.

As an engineering community, we believe it is essential to train professionals who not only have solid technical knowledge, but also value collaborative work, with diverse, equitable teams committed to a friendlier and more responsible vision, both with our communities and with our environment.

*Civil metallurgical and academic engineer Faculty of Engineering and Sciences of the Adolfo Ibáñez University.

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