Mick Foley’s son leaves WWE

Dewey Foleyson of Hall of Famer Mick Foley, is no longer part of WWE. This has been confirmed by Mike Johnson, a PW Insider journalist in recent hours, through a publication on the website. Dewey reportedly left the company on his own terms in April and was not fired from it.

“Dewey Foley, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, who had been on the WWE creative team, most recently on NXT and who made appearances for the company on the WWE Network reality show ‘Holy Foley,’ recently left WWE,” Johnson wrote. “A source claimed that Foley It came out at the end of April. We are told that he chose to leave the company and it was not a case of being fired.. At one point, he was the head writer for 205 Live.”

Dewey Foley began working on the WWE creative team in 2015. Before being brought in, Foley posted some ideas on the creativewwe.wordpress.com blog about storylines that the WWE could put into practice in their televised shows. The blog is private and cannot be read without the permission of the owner. Dewey had written some negative things about WWE on social media before he was hired, such as Triple H’s habit of burying superstars who worked their asses off all year long, in his opinion.

At the time of his hiring, he was heavily criticized on social media because many fans believed that Dewey had become part of WWE thanks to his father’s last name. Mick Foley responded this way on Facebook: “My son didn’t get this job because of his last name. He earned it. He earned it by working hundreds of hours, without compensation, proving his writing skills and business mind. There are no WWE jobs given away. As Jonathan Coachman said referring to his time in WWE “they expect you to go with enthusiasm every day.” My son will do his best to ‘wear’ it every day. He will work long hours, in a difficult job to earn his salary-as he should be “,

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