Kim Kardashian scolds her children live on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’

Kim Kardashian was interrupted several times by some little guests during her most recent appearance Tuesday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The American television and reality star, currently appearing on The Kardashians with her family, stopped by Jimmy Fallon to promote her new skincare line. However, she had a hard time finishing promoting her product because she had to constantly stop to scold her children.

When Kardashian started chatting with Fallon about her debut on Saturday Night Live, which took place last year, the late-night telemagazine host jumped in to say, “I’m listening kids.” And yes, indeed, the star had brought three little ones with her: hers, her sons Psalm and Saint, and her friend’s daughter, Remi.

“Guys, can you stop?” Kardashian said as she turned to look at her little guests., who watched from the side of the stage. At that unusual moment the audience laughed at what happened, but before it Kardashian continued: “This is your first time working with me. Can you please?”, she said looking at one of her children asking for silence.

The Tonight Show camera then panned to show the three children, who were looking at Kardashian as they sat backstage.

She continued with the interview, explaining, “My two sons are here, and with them is my friend Tracy’s daughter, Remi.” Kardashian lightly chided her children for “making so much noise,” before warning them, “Don’t screw this up. Let’s go!”.

After calling them out for being noisy, Kardashian turned her attention back to the show hosted by Fallon, who asked about her eldest daughter, North.

Facing the question asked by the presenter and while explaining how he celebrated North’s ninth birthday with a “spooky birthday party with a wild theme”, Kardashian had to stop mid-sentence once again to scold the little ones.

“Guys, seriously, you have to go,” he said, gesturing for the children to leave and apparently giving up any hope that they would keep quiet. Fallon was unfazed and told the trio of little ones: “You can go out if you don’t feel like being here, that’s fine!”

In that sense, The youngest of star Kim Kardashian’s children, Psalm, has left, ending the chaos that spawned the show’s continuity. The Tonight Show Starring with Jimmy Fallon airs Monday through Friday on NBC.

Criticism of Kim Kardashian for “ruining” the famous Marilyn Monroe dress

A month ago the audience recognized and praised the work of businesswoman Kim Kardashian, who underwent a strict routine in order to get into the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress and show it off at the Met Gala. However, in the middle of this June, when some images were revealed that show the current state of the garment, hundreds of Internet users are dispatching themselves against the American for “ruining” it.

The complaint was filed by the organization The Marilyn Monroe Collection, which stated that the dress had had “permanent damage” after Kim wore it on the Met Gala red carpet walk, since they emphasize that after the catwalk, the businesswoman took it off and continued the event with a replica of the original dress.

Yesterday a good friend of mine, ChadMichael Morrisette, visited Ripley’s in Hollywood just to see his own birthday dress. He shared the bottom photo of the dress with me, and now we know. The dress has sustained permanent damage.” The organization confirmed in a statement, emphasizing that the dress that is on display in a museum now has several “damages.”

And I add: “When he saw the back of the dress, he immediately noticed rips and tears, crystals were missing and some were literally hanging by the threads,” insisting on the damage that the dress that Marilyn Monroe used to sing US President John F. Kennedy’s birthday at Madison Square Garden in New York, precisely on May 19, 1962, would have had.

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