Kim Kardashian is not sure about a possible fourth wedding

kim kardashian isn't sure if she'll walk down the aisle a fourth time

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    After all issues related to kanye west, it seems that Kim can breathe easily again. No, we are not exaggerating. The conflict ranges from attacks and insults to her current partner Pete Davidson in public or accusations of having kidnapped her own daughter to a series of requirements to be able to get the much-desired divorce that has already arrived, and luckily!

    The ‘celeb’, who has caused so much commotion in networks lately (well, and always), attended the past Tuesday June 21 to the ‘Today’ program. In addition to sporting her most spectacular new platinum blonde ‘bob’ cut, Kim discussed many current topics about her life, her feelings, and weighed in on a possible fourth wedding after divorcing Kanye West, Kris Humphries and Damon Thomas.

    Regarding her relationship with Pete Davidson, with whom she enjoyed a vacation of complete disconnection in Tahiti very recently, she stated that it was something that came and took her by surprise. “I think you definitely need that time to yourself, then once you’re ready to go out, I felt like I just wanted new energy and something different.”he added.

    kim kardashian isn't sure if she'll walk down the aisle a fourth time

    Kim Kardashian on Tuesday, June 21 on the ‘Today’ show.

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    During her appearance on the program, the “celeb” assured that her intention was to become more cautious in relation to marriage. “I’ve shown that maybe I’m not the best at it and I don’t want to make that mistake again.”acknowledged after commenting a month ago on his program that he believes in love and that it may be the fourth time lucky.

    “Sometimes I think, should I be in one of those relationships like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell? It seems to be working for them.”, he affirmed as a reflection on life as a couple. Still, while she’s still not sure if she and Pete Davidson will walk down the aisle, you can clearly see that Kim is very happy with Pete and very proud to have found love again. “I am 100% myself. That is simply the best feeling,” confessed the ‘celeb’.

    What will happen?

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