Kendall Jenner and Alexa Demie love their Balenciaga Le Cagole

It was in 2001 when the then creative director of Balenciaga, Nicolas Ghesquière, presented the father of bagsthe well-known lariat and all the models that paraded showing the new creation of the house, including Kate Moss, asked if it was vintage or something they had found in the market.

“No, I answered them. It is a bag that we have made several prototypes of, but that we have not produced because when I showed it to the people who asked me for it, they were not happy with it”, replied Nicolas Ghesquière.

Its design was too soft and contrasted with the marked rigidity of the luxury leather bags of that time. The brand began making 25 bags that were practically given to their models and only a few accepted them, not knowing that this prototype would become one of the hallmarks of the house.

The success of the bag came little by little and is attributed to its lightness, absence of logos and its vintage side.

In 2000 it became every celebrity’s handbag, worn and flaunted by Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen twins.

Given the global success, smaller models followed. A rectangular shape known as City emerged; then the Veil emerged with a square silhouette. Later the Part Time, Work, Polly and Twiggy appeared.

The models that are currently all the rage with Motorcycle, City, Neo Classic and of course Le Cagole.

Le Cagole

Le Cagole was born in 2020 and is now considered a “must”. The meaning of the “Cagole” in French can be translated as someone who, although he tries to appear good taste, does not succeed.

In short someone exaggerated, that uses too much makeup, glitter, perfume and is characterized by excessive use of accessories, colors, logos and jewelry.

Le Cagole is inspired by Balenciga’s iconic City bag, made of lambskin with a textured finish, it includes flat studs, leather straps and small buckles on each side.

In front it has un heart-shaped mirror that you can remove and a small pocket for money, and on the back there is a zippered pocket.

The interior is lined with cotton canvas and has another main compartment and a flat pocket. The strap has studs and metal rings.

There are all the colors that you can imagine and the cost ranges from 48 thousand 300 to 161 thousand pesos.

The celebrity favorite

It was just this week when Kendall Jenner appeared wearing her black Cagole bag, accompanied by a tight gray minidress, a pair of By Far knee-high boots and a bottle of your favorite tequila “818 tequila”.

Alexa Demie has driven us crazy with her style and has become a fashion reference since the first season of “Euphoria”.

During Paris Fashion Week Alexa opted for total Balenciaga looks, including the Cagole baghis favorite.

Bella Hadid was chosen for the campaigns of Balenciaga’s Le Cagolewearing a black bikini, pants and oversize jacket to match the bag.

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