He lost his sight at the age of 17, overcame adversity and now a gift from Messi will change his life

Cristián Guglielmett received an intelligent camera from the Foundation chaired by Lionel Messi

Cristián Guglielmett received an intelligent camera from the Foundation chaired by Lionel Messi – Credits: @La Capital de Rosario / LA NACION

Cristian Guglielmett, 53, it is a blind lawyer from Rosario that he received, through the Lionel Messi Foundation, a wearable device that will change your lifea. It is an advanced camera, which through artificial intelligence, reads printed and digital text aloud from any surface, recognizes faces, products, and even moneyall in real time.

Guglielmett has a life of overcoming. It is currently dedicated to digitizing texts to be printed in braille and recorded in audio. He works at the “José Manuel Estrada” Municipal Library, within the Accessible Reading Service for People with Visual Disabilities.

The professional received the smart scanner, valued at US$4000this Wednesday, according to The Capital of Rosario. “I did not expect to receive something like this because one feels that there are so many people in difficult situations that it seemed impossible, but it touched me and I want to use it in the best way helping with my work”, Guglielmett told the agency Telam.

Cristián Guglielmett received the device this Wednesday.

Cristián Guglielmett received the device this Wednesday. – Credits: @La Capital de Rosario

Cristián Guglielmett received the device this Wednesday. (The Capital of Rosario/)

The lawyer said that the device, called My Eye Pro, It will give you “a lot of independence in your life” and will collaborate in your daily tasks. “I guess they chose me because of what I’ve been doing for 26 years, dedicated to reading for the blind, and because I never gave up,” he added.

Guglielmett lost his sight at the age of 17. when he fell from a wall when trying to sneak into a bowling alley, a “youthful nonsense”, as he defined. He became hemiplegic on the left side of his body and irreversibly blind.. Despite the difficulties, managed to regain mobility after a year of intense rehabilitation, he received his law degree in that city and began his task of inclusion in the municipal library.

The story of the lawyer came to the Messi Foundation through his sister, Mariana, who wrote a letter to access the device. There, she recounted the efforts Guglielmett made to study and “how did the faculty very hard”, without current technology. “My mom read the law books and recorded them on the Tdk cassettes so that Cristián could perform the finals in the race”, he said.

Guglielmett’s mother, María “Charo” del Socorro Favaretto, rescued his perseverance. “After the accident he told me ‘I’m going to be the blind doctor, mommy‘, and grabbed the cross and began to walk, “he recorded. In addition, he stressed that the donation of the camera “is an achievement” for his efforts. “It is very important for his safety and his independence, which he always fought for.”

My Eye Pro

My Eye Prothe novel device developed by the signature OrCamsimilar in size to a lighter, can be used handheld or mounted to a lens stem to follow the direction of sight and was intended for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Operate as a portable scanner that allows reading texts, recognizes faces, identifies products and can describe elements of the environment within its detection range.

The device performs the reading in real time that arrives in the form of audio to the user’s ears through a wireless headset.

Lionel Messi became one of OrCam’s ambassadors and his foundation promotes this type of donations that promote and support inclusive tasks such as the one carried out by Cristián in the Estrada Library.

With information from Telam

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