Dua Lipa sued by a paparazzo for copyright infringement

Also Dua Lipa got into trouble with copyright issues! The star was denounced by a paparazzo for using photographs taken by the photographer on social media, Robert Barbera, without his permission violating copyright. Maybe just a misunderstanding, but the singer will have to answer in court and she will probably have to pay a hefty fine.

The photographer’s complaint, written by his legal team, reads: “Without the plaintiff’s permission or authorization, the defendant voluntarily selected, copied, archived and displayed all copyrighted photographs belonging to the plaintiff”.

It all dates back to July 2018, when the singer posted some photos with a black sweater that read “Heroes”. The photos were deleted from social media, but the photographer was able to notice them and, annoyed by the use, he wanted to proceed legally.

It is not the first time that the singer of Kosovar origin has faced a lawsuit for copyright infringement, in the past she had been in trouble with the agency Integral Images. According to the photographers of the agency, those images had increased the traffic on the social pages of the star, going to cause economic damage to those who had taken the photos.

For this reason Barbera wanted to ask for damages for the improper use of his photographs. The photographer in the past had sued for the same reason too Ariana Grande And Justin Bieber.

(photo: Instagram page of Dua Lipa)

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