Cristiano Ronaldo’s 3 exercises for his abs

    We never get tired of saying it, what does Cristiano Ronaldo do to show off perfect abs at 37 years old? His diet, his abdominal routine, his work in the gym, his genetics… Without a doubt, his six pack is the most perfect in the entire world of football and his latest photo on Instagram proves it. He definition, strength and many muscles in the final stage of his career as a footballer. In fact, without his Manchester United team playing in the Champions League this season, it is not known exactly in which league he will play this year.

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s 3 exercises for his abs

    Now it’s time to imitate his abdominal work and we believe that these 3 exercises are basic to mark our abs like him.

    1- abdominal wheel

    Do a minimum of 3 to 5 sets of 10 reps, going down and up as slowly as you can.


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    2- Leg lifts on the floor

    Between 3 and 5 series as well, but 10 to 12 repetitions, leaving the feet a foot from the ground to seek the greatest abdominal tension.

    3- Isometric plank

    5 series, holding between 30 seconds and a minute, keeping your back straight, your core firm without sinking your hips, and your arms and legs well aligned and firm.

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