Cardi B marks a “production delays” with her new album: “I’ve had technical difficulties”

One of our favorite narratives in recent pop history is that of when Iggy Azalea canceled the tour of his second album by production delays. Something that has recently been applied to tours of Adele, Malu either Sweet Californiacanceled or postponed for various reasons but united by all the problems and production delays.

Well, that narrative now reaches the world of recorded albums as well, because it is the one that has basically used Cardi-B to explain why he has spent two years shaping his imaginary album. Let’s remember that the one that seemed like the lead single of the project, ‘WAP’, It was published in the summer of 2020, when we were still launching a pandemic. In the middle of it saw the light ‘Up’, the second single, and since then… some loose collaboration and end. If we add these to ‘Press’, published in 2019, we can say that Cardi-B has the rate of pitches of an eighth ranked ‘Triumph operation’. or of Normani.

Precisely due to the impatience of his followers, who are on their way to waiting three years for the continuation of the successful ‘Invasion Of Privacy’, cardi B. has caught Twitter and has posted an audio explaining the problems surrounding the work:

«I see that many of you are saying shit of the type «oh, it does not offer us anything». When I release what I’m going to release, I’ll talk more about it because clearly I can’t right now. But I’ve really had technical difficulties with my last project. Not one, not two, but three difficulties in the music I’m working on that needed to be fixed before it was released.

When I get out, I’ll talk about it. It’s nothing super important or crazy. We’ll fix it because I already know what you want and I’m going to give it to you. I already know it. I already know it. OKAY? OKAY.”

Nothing less than three technical difficulties. Well, it comes out to one a year. We imagine the problems live in your studio: “Let’s see, Cardi, this year it doesn’t come out that I dropped the Fanta on the control knobs”. “Let’s see, Cardi, forget about 2021 that a huge moth just got in and we’re looking for the insecticide. No, when we kill her I’ll let you know, don’t worry.” «Cardi, cross out 2022 that it will not be able to be. No, no, no moths this time. The intern has been recording an album for Jesy Nelson for three months thinking it was you. Yes, I already told you that too. Of course, if we had been… no, but… ok, ok. Sure, but the boy is new, and the wigs… well, what can I tell you.»

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