Britney Spears sued by her father

Only a few days have passed since Britney Spears dressed in white, with an exclusive Versace design, and married her love, actor Sam Asghari. The celebration meant one of the happiest moments in the life of the singer, who recently freed herself from her father’s controversial legal guardianship.

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But now it seems that happiness was overshadowed for Britney Spears, since her father, James Spears, denounced her for alleged defamation. The information was published by TMZ, which assured that the 69-year-old man is looking for his daughter to testify for the words she expressed about her experiences when she was under her guardianship.

As detailed, the singer assured that her father forced her to go to therapy, made her donate eight tubes of blood to receive medical treatment and did not allow her to take painkillers for pain. In addition, he forced her to use an IUD and did not allow her to drive and took away her driver’s license.

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The lawsuit filed by James Spears ensures that Britney defamed him repeatedly from his Instagram account and that he also promised to continue doing so in his memoirs, which he sold for a large amount of money.

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