Brad Pitt launches new accusation against Angelina Jolie for defamation

Conflicts between Hollywood celebrities continue to arise and now the actor Brad Pitt has denounced his ex-partner, the actress Angelina Joliefor deliberately damaging the reputation of his wine company in France and selling his share of it to a “stranger”.

According to US media, the couple acquired a vineyard in Miraval in 2008 for about $53 million in his mansion in Provence located in the south of France.

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Brad Pitt alleged that with this clandestine sale, Jolie seeks to seize the entire multi-million dollar company they shared and at the same time damage the image by associating with a Russian businessman.

Half of the Ch√Ęteau Miraval winery was sold to Yuri Shefler, owner of the firm that produces Russian Stolichnaya vodka, renamed Stoli, which does not look good in the actor’s eyes given the conflict he currently maintains Russia vs. Ukraine.

It was in this venue that movie stars got married and enjoyed family vacations, which represents for Pitt an immense sentimental value besides the economic one.

According to a statement to People magazine, Brad Pitt assured that in the last court appearance, since the actors have been fighting for the possession of this vineyard for some time, Angelina “tried to harm him” by selling her shares in the company to a “strange with poisonous associations and intentions.”

Said medium had access to documents presented in the Los Angeles Superior Courtwhere it is ensured that the purchase of the vineyard began as a small project that ended up becoming a billion dollar business.

Although the purchase was made jointly, Pitt assured in the documents that the actress did not contribute nothing to achieve the success of Miraval mentioned above.

These accusations are aimed at compensation for damages and that the sale is canceledsince it violates the contract of not selling without prior consent that the couple maintains.

If Angelina Jolie must pay to Brad Pittthe amount of money will be determined by the judge.

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