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He spoke on the frequencies of Lazio Style Radiothe former footballer Cristian Zenoni expressed his opinion on the Lazio market. In particular, Zenoni spoke about the situation linked to Sergej Milinkovic Savic and the new signing for the midfield Marcos Antonio.

These are his words:

Milinkovic he is a player who has shown for several years that he deserves something more important, without taking anything away from Lazio. He is mature for a great team and for more important goals. It remains to be seen even if Lazio is willing to sell it or not and this would bring money to the club that could be reinvested in the market, I think the managers reflect on this. I think that by now he is ready for another stage and it would also be a way to see how the team behaves without such a pillar, of course we know his level but the market offers many possibilities. Fans? When you lose such a player you are furious but you have important resources to make the transfer market, also to find less known players who could become the new Milinkovic. If I were a fan, I would trust the Biancocelesti managers “

Marcos Antonio I don’t know him very much but the managers know what they are doing and if Sarri has chosen him it is because he knows his characteristics very well. I’m also curious to know him in the next championship. Quality? We must try to mix physicality and technique, the other teams are better equipped than Lazio in the sense of physicality, but Sarri’s philosophy has led to the choice of players with these characteristics and qualities. I’m curious to see him at work, Tare has accustomed us to lesser-known players who, however, have given a lot to the team in the long run. Lazzari? In my opinion he could play very well from fifth and full-back, I didn’t see these great difficulties “

Pinamonti how isrede of Immobile? Yes, for physical, technical and tactical characteristics. He’s good at getting the team to play and he also gives you depth. He also scored some decent goals, he is a prospective player who will eventually be useful for the national team. I don’t see Monza badly, I don’t think he can fight to save himself with the managers he has behind him so if I were him I would consider this possibility “

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