Zendaya pregnant with Tom Holland? The actress’s response to viral rumors on TikTok and Twitter

Euphoria star Zendaya returns to the center of gossip on TikTok and Twitter where news of an alleged pregnancy goes viral.

Like the story between Zendaya And Tom Holland it has been one of the trendiest news in recent months, anything concerning them as a couple catches the eye, or, rather, the ear of those who live on gossip, or who are simply a fan. Zendaya fan and Tom Holland fan, or fan of one of Hollywood’s newest and youngest golden couples, the face of the MCU’s Spider-Man and the star of Euphoria they formalized their relationship in July 2021. Although it would be more correct to say that they were forced to do so. Some stolen shots have photographed them together in the car during an evident passionate kiss; no doubt therefore about their love story and it made no sense to be silent or denied. But now rumors and rumors are likely to exaggerate.

Zendaya denies rumors about expecting Tom Holland’s first child

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They both pointed out that neither of them intended to go public with their relationship. “One of the downsides of our reputation is that privacy is no longer under our control; you think that between two people who love each other there are moments that are only them and instead these too become shared with the whole world“, Said Tom Holland, alluding to the video that portrayed them kissing. “I’ve always been adamant in keeping my life private, private, because I already share much of it with the world. We felt our privacy was being robbed. It’s not about being or not being ready to reveal our relationship, we just didn’t want it to go public at the time.“. At the center of the “new” gossip, which turned out to be a fake news, the news of Zendaya’s pregnancy, started running on TikTok and then trending on Twitter. It was Zendaya herself who denied that she and Tom Holland were expecting their first child by posting two stories on Instagram that clarify the disappointment with her continuous invasive attitude in her private sphere. “See, this is why I prefer to stay away from Twitter”He wrote in the first stories. “We simply invent things for no reason… weekly. Anyway, back to the shooting of Challengers“. Telegraphic and essential, Zendaya shows herself anything but amused by the news that has gone viral and suggests how fake news leaves the time it finds: it is better to go back to the real set of the film he is shooting.

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