Women’s baggy jeans summer 2022: the star-proof models

Jeans and summer 2022: a difficult combination for every woman, given the high temperatures. Yet long denim trousers remain an indispensable piece even in the heat. To prove it, the latest looks of the stars: Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Katie Holmes they don’t seem to want to file them yet in favor of more succinct outfits. Indeed, they indicate the perfect models to face 30 degrees Celsius, cool and trendy. In addition to suggesting i better looks to wear them.

Denim culottes, like Katie Holmes

Large on the hips and legs, equipped with side pockets. disappeared, cut at the ankle, to allow any movement and allow the skin to breathe. The model of denim culottes chosen by the actress (signed Chanel) is ideal for Summer 2022, even as a replacement for shorts. The outfit to match it every day: a short blazer black and a low-cut top, in addition to the inevitable square-toe ballet flats.

women's baggy jeans summer 2022

Katie Holmes clears her denim shorts for Summer 2022 (Photo: Ulices Ramales / BACKGRID).

Boyfriend jeans, like Bella Hadid

The jeans of Summer 2022 according to the top model: gray, wide and relaxed, extra long, which seem completely “stolen” from his wardrobe (as well as signed Balenciagalike the bag Cagole on his arm). So much so that he squeezes them at the waist not with one, but well two belts from the contrasting buckle.

Belts: five ways to combine them for Spring Summer 2022

Belts: five ways to combine them for Spring Summer 2022

A catwalk ploy that allows you to wear even men’s jeans in a feminine key. To make everything more elegant, the combination with the black ankle boots and the tank top from which the lace bralette comes out. The wide and shiny shirt reimbursed inside the waist shows the double belt and the bust – and no, it’s no coincidence.

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women's baggy jeans summer 2022

Bella Hadid’s baggy and masculine jeans, held up by two belts (Photo: Gotham / GC Images).

Straight jeans, like Kendall Jenner

Among the baggy jeans of Summer 2022, i straight pants in the classic indigo denim color, which wear out without accentuating the shapes. A must-try piece for those who don’t like the oversized look: Kendall Jenner proves that you can make them notable by pairing a pair of loafers, a light gray tank top and a minimal tote bag (all The Row).

women's baggy jeans summer 2022

Kendall Jenner in straight jeans and loafers (Photo: MEGA / GC Images).

Simplicity and elegance, heat-proof.


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