Where to find the ancestral city in Minecraft

Minecraft is a title that has been with us for many years, and thanks to the different updates we have practically unlimited fun, and now we can even find an ancient city.

And it is that one of the main novelties of the latest update for Minecraft is the inclusion of a new biome, and in it the ancient city that many players are looking for but unfortunately cannot find, and there is a reason.

So we clarify where is the ancestral city in minecraftand exactly what we are going to find in it if we are lucky.


Minecraft: The Wild Update – Launch Trailer

Where is the ancestral city in Minecraft

As we said, the ancestral city has come as part of the last major update for Minecraft and for this we must first find the deep dark biome.

Unfortunately, the deep dark biome doesn’t usually appear on all maps, and when it does appear it’s very difficult to locate, so the ancient city will also not be exactly easy to see.


If you are lucky enough to find this deep dark biome and then the ancient city, do not forget to write down the coordinates so that you can return to it at any time.

To be totally clear, the deep dark biome only spawns underground and where erosion is low, for example you could find it under places like mountains, and it spawns below Y=0, so you’ll need to dig quite a bit to get the chance to find one.

Once you’ve found this biome, the ancient city, if it appears, has some pretty rare loot. In general, it usually generates up to three treasure chests to loot, but you must be careful with the enemies, especially The Warden.

This city is created based on redstone circuits, so it is quite a strange and really dangerous place.

Realize that it is quite likely that you could end up dying in one of these ancient cities, so you should go with your best weapon and armor so as not to get an unpleasant surprise.

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