Three titles concentrated almost 90 percent of the box office in the third weekend of June

The concentration of the cinematographic box office in Spain is taking an unsustainable course. If the weekend of June 10 to 12 a single title concentrated 75 percent of the ‘Top 20’ box office, between Friday and last Sunday three films, three, collected almost 90 percent, more than four million euros, which means that nine out of ten viewers opted for these three proposals last weekend. Therefore, the remaining 17 productions are practically invisible, with just over half a million euros between them. It is clear that a situation like the current one, extended over time, is unfeasible for many independent distributors. Only with these crumbs your model does not work.

Spain and Italy are two of the European territories where cinemas are costing more, perhaps in part this is explained by an older population, the more so in the case of Italy and the ‘Top 10’ in the case of Spain, the audience that has not returned to the rooms.

Jurassic WorldBetween June 17 and 19, Spanish cinemas collected more than 4.5 million euros, with 671,600 spectators, which means that the box office was reduced by 26.5 percent, with 1.6 million euros less, while 244,000 spectators were lost. Five novelties reached the ‘Top 20’, although only one had a real impact from second place. And that of these five premieres, three entered the top six positions.

Looking back, five premieres also entered the ‘Top 20’ for the weekend of June 18 to 20, 2021, three of them among the top five positions. The twenty highest-grossing titles then grossed almost 2.2 million euros, with 330,000 tickets sold. This means that the box office increased on that weekend of July 2021 by 21.39 percent, compared to the previous weekend of that same year, according to data from Comscore.

Back to the present, despite the entrance of a familiar Disney blockbuster kept the number one in its second weekend ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ (Universal), with a total of 2,268,662 euros, 328,500 viewers and a grand average per screen of 2,780 euros. Although it lost 51 percent of its income and was screened in the same 816 theaters, the sixth installment of the dinosaur saga started by Steven Spielberg already totals almost 9.6 million euros with nearly a million and a half viewers since 9 of June. Worldwide it already exceeds 634 million dollars.

LIGHTYEAREntered the second position ‘Lightyear’ (The Walt Disney Company), perhaps somewhat below expectations considering that it is a spin-off of ‘Toy Story’. The animated film accounted for 1.2 million euros in its first three days on the bill, with 191,400 viewers. And as it was released in 964 theaters, its average per screen went up to 1,287 euros.

In its fourth weekend, a position lost ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ (Paramount Pictures), which also reduced its income by 28 percent, with 177 fewer theaters. The aerial sequel starring Tom Cruise grossed 547,000 euros and was seen by 74,500 spectators, in 373 theaters, for which its average per screen was 1,467 euros. ‘Top Gun 2’ accumulates since 26 million almost 6.5 million euros and is close to a million viewers. In the international market, the debt epic of the 80s exceeds 900 million dollars.

And from here the emptiness. He left the podium ‘Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness’ (The Walt Disney Company), which in its seventh weekend achieved 111,301 euros, with 16,000 tickets sold. The Marvel proposal was programmed this time on 253 screens, which was 188 less than seven days before, which resulted in a performance per copy of 440 euros. Since its premiere on May 6, ‘Doctor Strange 2’ has accumulated 13 million euros in Spain, with two million viewers, and more than 943 million dollars worldwide.

It debuted in 112 screens in the fifth position ‘The unbearable weight of a huge talent’ (Diamond Films), with 67,055 euros, 9,600 admissions and a return per copy of 599 euros. One position further down, ‘The Kitchen Brigade’ (Caramel Films) also began its journey, with 32,282 euros, 5,600 viewers and an average per screen of 504 euros, because it was released in 76 theaters.

The next novelty in the ranking already appears in fourteenth place. It is ‘We are made to understand each other’ (Vertigo Films), which started in Spain with 18,089 euros, 2,745 viewers and an average per screen of 232 euros, after its debut in 78 theaters.

The last release is located two positions later. That is, sixteenth place goes to the Spanish production ‘You have to come to see it’ (Atalante), which began its tour of Spanish cinemas with 15,102 euros and 2,262 viewers. Jonás Trueba’s film was programmed in its first three days in 26 theaters, which resulted in an average per screen of 581 euros, which was the fifth best of the weekend.

DOCTOR STRANGESpanish cinema placed another four titles in the ‘Top 20’ from June 19 to 19, with a combined box office of only 107,407 euros, which generated a market share of less than three percent. Together with the film by the young man from the Trueba dynasty, this time ‘Cinco lobitos’ (BTeam) appears on the hit list, in ninth position; ‘Alcarràs’ (Avalon), in the twelfth; one position below ‘Live is life’ (Warner Bros.), and ‘La volunteer’ (BTeam), in fifteenth place.

Notably, though it lost 27 percent of its box office in its fifth weekend, ‘Cinco lobitos’ maintained its position with its more than 32,300 euros and 4,430 spectators. The total box office for the work by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa is 535,000 euros as of May 20. The second film by Carla Simón also kept its place, in her case with 23,500 euros and 3,000 more spectators. Of course, ‘Alcarràs’ continues to increase its advantage as the highest grossing Spanish film of the year with more than two million euros.

Less lucky is ‘Live is life’, which collapses from the eighth position and with a reduction in income of 61 percent. In its third weekend, the film by Dani de la Torre adds another 20,000 euros, with 3,142 tickets sold, while its accumulated since June 3 does not reach 300,000 euros. Finally, ‘The volunteer’ fell four places, with 16,700 euros and 2,400 spectators in its second weekend in Spanish cinemas. The film starring Carmen Machi adds just over 80,200 euros since last June 10.

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