The infallible and free beauty trick that Mar Amate and Jennifer Aniston apply every morning – Good morning, Javi and Mar!

Today in ‘Good morning, Javi and Mar!’ have talked about an infallible beauty trick, for the bravest, -without touch-ups or going through surgery- that is used by both Mar Amate, our morning announcer for CADENA 100, and one of the most important actresses on the international scene: Jennifer Aniston. We tell you all the details!

“At this time of the morning, if you think so, I’m going to give you a beauty trick and it’s not only mine, but Jennifer Aniston has told it, something else, but attractive and pretty for a while and keeps her face great. I see her great, I wish I could”, Mar began by saying. “You have to spend a lot of money to have that Mar face”, Javi Nieves joked “You mean by the creams or touch-ups? It’s very pretty and it holds up very well, The trick doesn’t cost anything, well yes, a little willpower, early in the morning the first thing he does is take a bowl of cold water, fill it with ice cubes, stick his head in and if you don’t want to stick your head in you can splash your hands 25 times with cold water, I prefer once purple, put your face there. It is his beauty tip, but in my case at 4 in the morning it is not a plan to put my head in cold water, “Mar has told.


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