The Hollywood Academy already has a new director after the slap of Will Smith

The hollywood academythe institution that annually awards the Oscars, appointed this Tuesday as new CEO Bill Kramer, who until now was the director of the new museum dedicated to cinema that the organization opened last fall in Los Angeles (USA).

Kramer will take the relief of Dawn Hudson, a woman who has led the Academy for more than a decade in which it has renewed the most popular film awards and expanded its membership to 10,000 members, all of them with voting capacity at the Oscars.

For its part, the new CEO was in charge of raising the more than 380 million dollars that the Hollywood Academy needs to finance its newly opened museum, which occupies an imposing building designed by architect Renzo Piano in downtown Los Angeles.

The institution highlights that in less than six months, the center – known as Oscar Museumin Spanish, or Academy Museumin English- has become a mandatory stop for tourists, receiving more than half a million visitors in six months.

The new vision of the new director

“His vision for the future of the Academy is just as inspiring, and the Board Governors agree he is the ideal man to lead this defining moment for the organization,” Academy President David Rubin said in a statement. release.

Among the most immediate challenges, Kramer will have to counteract the drop in audiences at the Oscarswhose reputation is deeply damaged after the Violent altercation starring Will Smith.

Ezra Miller in 'Justice League'

In addition to organizing the Oscars, the Hollywood Academy awards scholarships, holds meetings between filmmakers and donates funds to programs related to the seventh art.

Hudson, the outgoing executive, had to deal with the appearance of television platforms such as Netflixable to cope with traditional studios, and with the two great waves of change in Hollywood: the #MeToo feminist movement and racial protests.

His measures have never been exempt from controversy, among those who considered that they were not enough and those who thought that the Oscars have prioritized identity issues over artistic interest.

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