The documentary with which Selena Gomez shows her Latin pride (available on YouTube)

Selena reveals that her grandparents are Mexican and she couldn’t be more proud of them.


One of the celebrities who has always been proud of their origin is Selena Gomez, always reveals the influence that his Mexican grandparents have had on his career and personal life. Now, it is more than clear in a mini documentary for Youtube where he talks about the Hispanic ascendancy that runs through his veins.

Recently, Youtube music teamed up with the singer, songwriter and producer for the new edition of ‘Artist Spotlight Stories’, from Youtubeand you will surely love.

For this installment, Selena Gomez shows the deep love, pride, and passion as a Mexican woman, revealing her family’s experience emigrating to the United States, the impact she had been having for years on other Latina women, who identified with her, and the hope in life to keep getting better.

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The origin and impact of its name

the grandparents of Selena Gomez They are originally from Monterey. After emigrating to Texas, the father of the actress was born. The interpreter confesses that her name was inspired by the legendary singer Selena Quintanilla and how the queen of Tex-Mexwas one of her great inspirations and role model from a very young age.

Reasons to watch the Selena Gomez documentary

Throughout the shots, you can see the businesswoman’s journey through the years. Full of hope and passion, Selena takes all viewers down a path of emotions through some of her most crucial moments as a Mexican and American woman.

The Latin power was present with the release of her first album is Spanish ‘RevelaciĆ³n’, stating that now she feels more comfortable singing in Spanish than in English.

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