The best Hulu US movies to watch anytime

The first film screening in history took place on December 28, 1895 in Paris, a historic event that was witnessed by 35 people and was directed by the Lumière brothers. In the new millennium, far away from that time, the way of making and watching movies has been totally transformed, proof of this is Hulu.

In comparison, now it is not necessary to go to a square or to the cinema to enjoy the moviesbecause with the advancement of technology and the arrival of streaming platforms there have been many advantages that movie lovers have obtained, like the fact of enjoying diverse plots and genres within reach of a click And no need to wonder how to download a video from Facebook.

Currently there are not only 500 one-minute movies available, as in those days, but Hulu and its competitors have a extensive catalog of productions, so the dilemma now is which titles to watch.

However, in this wave of novelties there are films that have managed to stand out and position themselves in the public’s taste. Then we leave you the list of the most popular of Hulu United States.

1. blood issue

Bill Baker (Matt Damon) is a tough American oil rig operator who travels to Marseille to visit his daughter, in prison for a murder he claims he didn’t commit. Away from home, things will not be easy for a father willing to do anything to prove his daughter’s innocence.

two. Jurassic Park

Billionaire John Hammond has an idea for a spectacular theme park: a secluded island where visitors can see real dinosaurs. With the latest technology in DNA development, scientists can clone brachiosaurs, triceratops, velociraptors and a tyrannosaurus rex, using fossilized amber blood from insects that bit them millions of years ago. Paleontologists Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm visit the park and are very surprised with the results obtained. But when a troublesome employee manipulates the sophisticated security system, the dinosaurs escape, forcing the visitors to fight for their survival.

3. Undercover in Miami

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube lead the cast of THE MIAMI DEPARTERS, the sequel to the action comedy Go Patrol where we met the most popular comedy couple of the year.

Four. Fantastic Beasts 3: Dumbledore’s Secrets

Professor Albus Dumbledore knows that the powerful dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald is making plans to take over the wizarding world. Unable to stop it single-handedly, he trusts Magizoologist Newt Scamander to lead a fearless team of wizards, witches and a plucky Muggle baker on a perilous quest, encountering animals old and new, and facing off against a growing legion of beasts. Grindelwald followers.

5. Ghostbusters: Beyond

A single mother and her two children move to a small town where they will discover their connection to the origins of the Ghostbusters and the secret legacy that their grandfather has left them.

6. sharkwater

A couple on a romantic getaway find themselves at sea when a tropical storm sweeps through their villa. To survive they are forced to fight against the elements while sharks surround them.

7. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Four years have passed since the devastation of Jurassic Park and Dr Malcolm is about to discover that something has survived. On an island in Costa Rica belonging to the Costa de las Cinco Muertes, dinosaurs live and reproduce freely. This is the so-called zone B: the place that served as a genetic laboratory. After John Hammond bankrupted the company, his nephew Peter has taken the reins and is determined to build the company by exploiting the dangerous area.

8. A Journal for Jordan

Based on the true story of First Sergeant Charles Monroe King, a soldier deployed to Iraq begins to keep a journal of love and advice for his young son. Back home, New York Times Senior Editor Dana Canedy revisits the story of her unlikely and transformative relationship with King and her enduring devotion to her and her son.

9. de-criminal minds

An armored car driver works transporting millions of dollars for other people. His monotonous life has only one glimmer of excitement: working with his flirtatious partner Kelly Campbell (Kristen Wiig), who soon throws all his plans upside down. Together with a group of middling criminals led by Steve Chambers, they plan the robbery of 17 million dollars. With an inexperienced team, the trails they leave behind will be more than obvious, so there will only be one thing more difficult than organizing the robbery: escaping with the loot.

10. Matilda

Matilda Wormwood is an extremely curious and intelligent young girl, quite the opposite of her tawdry parents, who often ignore her. As she grows up she discovers that she has telekinetic powers, until one day a teacher teaches her that she can use those powers to help her friends. In addition, the people who until that moment have made her life impossible will suffer the consequences of her.

*Some titles may be repeated in the ranking because they are different episodes or seasons, and they may not have a description because the platform does not provide them.

Hulu in the streaming war

Hulu It is a video on demand subscription service that allows users to enjoy series and movies that was created in October 2017, however, in early 2021 it was acquired by The Walt Disney + company.

It currently works on United States and Japanwhile in other regions such as Latin America the service comes through Star+.

It was in 2010 when Hulu launched its subscription systemalthough at that time it did so through the name Hulu Plus, which had content from newscorporation Y NBCUniversal. Later in 2017, the company launched its Hulu With Live TV service.

In 2019 the company already had 28 million subscribers; It was then that in March of that same year ; while AT&T (now owner of WarnerMedia) sold its 10% shares and Comcast will give 33% of its shares to Disney in 2024, so Hulu will now operate alongside Disney+ and ESPN+, where it will only focus on streaming content made out of studies and for the family.

Unlike other platforms, Hulu allows its users to access series and programs from 75 channels, including local news and sports. Your service includes Disney Channel, ESPN, CBS, NBC, Fox, Discovery Channel, TLC, Motor Trend, Animal Planet, MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, NickToonsamong others.

Hulu also has original contentwhere titles such as The Handmaid’s Tale or the docuseries Wu-Tang: An American Saga and more.


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