Shiloh reveals herself against Angelina Jolie in defense of Brad Pitt: She is the only one of the clan who maintains contact with her father after the divorce of the famous | People | Entertainment

The situation in Angelina Jolie’s mansion is not quite right. Shiloh, the biological firstborn of the Jolie-Pitt clan, is in rebellion with her mother, due to the tense situation that the artist maintains against her father, actor Brad Pitt.

Specialized entertainment media report that the teenager is having a bad time, since she has been between two sides since her parents began their separation in 2016, after the impasse experienced with her brother Maddox on the private plane that finally triggered the divorce of the partner.

Over the years they have reported that Shiloh Jolie remains faithful to her father, despite all the conflict between celebrities, and this is demonstrated by visiting him and maintaining contact with the Hollywood actor.

Shiloh and Angelina Jolie’s conflict

The Terra portal publishes the terrible moments that Angelina Jolie’s daughter is going through. The 16-year-old girl would be having serious problems with her parent, for defending her father.

The confrontation between the former marriage that caused a furor in the world of entertainment, is having repercussions on their children, and especially with the eldest of the family’s heirs.

The US media revealed that Brad Pitt will sue Angelina Jolie for the “without consultation” sale made by the actress of the property in Chateau Miraval, alleging that the action had poisonous intentions against him, by selling the shares of the vineyard to a Russian oligarch.

Given this position, the spirits between the artists heated up and he could turn his back on his mother, given his position in favor of his father.

Hollywood Life reviewed what was obtained by a source in the face of the new lawsuit that arose between the ex-husbands. “Angelina is more than sure that she will win in court, but it is incredibly discouraging to hear that Brad has chosen to follow this path,” said the informant before the intentions of the “Once upon a time in Hollywood” interpreter.

Throughout the years of the legal battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, it has been said that Shiloh is the only one who maintains a dialogue with her father, and even visits him, unlike the rest of her brothers.

And although the girl receives all the support of her mother, and always shows total rapport with the artist, the love relationship that the young woman lives with her father is the cause of the misunderstandings between mother and daughter. (AND)

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