Shakira persecuted by a stalker who leaves her messages in front of her front door –

The singer, just separated from Piqu, found the sentences written on the asphalt and filed a complaint with the police. It would be a Russian Alex who wants to marry her. Lascer Barcelona

There seems to be no more peace for Shakira who, after the painful separation from Gerard Piqu after almost 12 years and two children (Milan and Sasha), found herself in a whirlwind of allegations that ranged from the constant betrayal of the Barcelona defender to their life as a open couple). And now it’s time as well a stalker to complicate the existence of the 45-year-old Colombian singer who Monday morning she found herself with three messages written in green paint on the asphalt in front of the entrance of his house of Esplugues de Llobregat in Barcelona.

The statements, in English, recite I love you my beautiful woman, I am coming for you, my love and I am ready to marry you now and to support you and as you can see in the video shot by the Spanish agency Europa Press, the mysterious graffiti artist would have signed himself Alex and also put the date, 06/19/22. Understandably worried, Shakira immediately notified the police of the incident.

Although the identity of the stalker remains unknown for now, Brand speculates that it may be a Russian who seems to have been pursuing the pop star since the breakup with Piqu was made public, while the Twitter account @shakirastuff_ reports that another man would have instead left unidentified packages in the singer’s mailbox. In light of the latest episodes, no wonder Shakira wants to move to Miami as soon as possible with her childrendespite Piqu’s opposition that he would prefer her to stay in Barcelona instead.

June 22, 2022 (change June 22, 2022 | 15:24)

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