Shakira and the Maneskin ready for a musical collaboration? The web goes wild

Shakira ei Maneskin they may soon be working together on a new music project.

The news of a probable featuring tColombian artist and rock band made in Italy most acclaimed in recent times, it could soon become a reality.

To make fans of Shakira and of Damiano & co., was in fact a photo posted on the Colombian artist’s Instagram page.

Shakira in recent weeks he is at the center of gossip for the end of his relationship with the Spanish footballer Gerard Pique.

The singer and the athlete met twelve years ago. Their love was sealed by the birth of the two children, Milan And Sasha.

Although they looked like one of the most solid pairs in the show-biz (despite never having married), the inevitable crisis has come for them too.

According to the latest rumors, Gerard would have betrayed Shakira with a girl from Madrid.

From the singer of ‘Waka Waka ‘ a lot has been written, even about a hypothetical illness following the news of the player’s betrayal.

It is well known that a character so alive arouses a lot of attention and any gesture or declaration is carefully scrutinized and often interpreted in favor of the press.

So even a simple photo has sparked a new gossip.

Shakira declares to Maneskin: “Let’s make music together”

Shakira participated in theafter-party of the presentation of the film Elvisin Cannes.

The party was also attended by the Maneskin And Shakira wanted to take a photo together with Damiano, the leader of the rock band. The photo was then shared by the singer on social media, with a very flattering caption for the Roman group: “Delighted to have met you at Elvis’ after-party: let’s make music together“.

That was enough to unleash a sea of ​​gossip about the alleged Shakira’s infatuation with Damiano.

Many argue that the Colombian singer also trusted to find Damiano very sexy. This doesn’t surprise us, but building an alleged flirtation or infatuation from this statement just feels like too much.

Much more likely that artists decide to make music together and make a new salsa rock hit instead.

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