Reveal photos of what Britney Spears’ husband looked like before

Since he made his relationship known, the now husband of Britney Spears He has become one of the most desired men on social networks for his attractiveness, muscles and his sex appeal.

Sam Asghari conquered the heart of the singer when they met in the recording of the video “slumber party“, in 2016, and since then the spark has been lit.

He is a model, trainer, actor, and has shown that his love for Brit is sincere, filling her with details, and, above all, support, while she was under the tutelage of her father.

Although he is currently sure of his physique, and makes his fans fall in love on networks, some photos of the actor and model in his youth, before meeting the pop star, have gone viral.


Photos of Sam Asghari before he met Britney Spears

In the photos you see Sam, Britney’s current husband, very different, without his biceps, or squares, and, in addition, he looked with more cheeks and jowls, and even with larger ears.

sam asghari before

Given this, many network users claim that the handsome Iranian underwent some aesthetic touch-ups, and began to criticize him.

  • “Operated anyone looks good”
  • “wow how different it looked”
  • “I can’t believe it’s him”
  • “Of course he had to have surgery to conquer someone like Britney”
  • “He’s very handsome, but he doesn’t look like that because of effort, it shows that he removed cheeks and body fat”,
  • “They always want to make believe that this change was achieved thanks to exercise and I don’t believe it”, were some of the criticisms that Sam received.
  • However, the celebrity has spoken openly about his change, and on some occasions has shown what he looked like before with a belly.

But, when she decided to change her lifestyle, she achieved great changes in her figure, and now she wears them with pride and confidence, and motivates others.

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