Rachel Zegler: biography and films of the actress

Rachel Zegler, born in 2001, is a young actress who has already made a lot of talk about herself. You made your debut in the world of cinema thanks to the film West Side Story. Director Steven Spielberg in fact, she chose her from among thousands of candidates for the leading role. She got important awards, including the Golden Globe, and was quickly requested by many other directors. In the course of 2022 we will see her at the cinema with Shazam and in 2023 it will turn into Snow White for the Disney remake.

Rachel Zegler’s biography

Rachel Zegler was born in Hackensack, New Jersey on May 3, 2001. Her parents are named Gina and Craig and she has an older sister, Jacqueline. The family has Colombian and Polish origins. Grows to Clifton, where he attends high school. It is at school that Rachel discovers hers love for acting and theater. In fact, he goes on stage several times on the occasion of many school productions. She is also a big fan of music.

Among its points of reference, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. In his locker he keeps a photo of Rita Morenonot just a point of reference, but the kind of artist he would like to become when he grows up, capable of acting and singing to perfection, capable of having a stage presence of the highest level. Rachel decides to open his own YouTube channel, to show his singing talent. Of the videos that get the most views, the one in which Rachel Ziegler sings Shallow.

Before graduation, obtained in 2019, he decides to take part in the audition for the new Steven Spielberg film West Side Story. Among 30,000 participants, she was chosen for the role of protagonist Maria. It made its debut in the cinema in 2021.

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Rachel Zegler’s films

West Side Storydirected by Steven Spielbergis a new version of the 1957 musical. It is an immortal story, which sees it come into play two young lovers belonging to two rival gangs. A story of love, hate, death and pain, a story that has moved entire generations for decades. Rachel Zegler in West Side Story plays Mariaa role that allows her to obtain the victory of the National Board of Review Award as best actress and del Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Movie, Comedy or Musical. You also receive two other important ones nominationsthe Critics’ Choice Award and the Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Award.

West Side Story gets seven Oscar nominations. But Rachel is not nominated for any awards. Exactly for this reason initially he is not among the guests at the ceremony. IS Rachel Zegler on her Instagram channel to tell of the failure to invite, not his complaint but an answer to a direct question from a fan. Following his statement, however, fans begin to complain. The Academy decides to end the grievances by not only inviting Rachel but making her become one of the conductors of the event.

Rachel Zegler’s talent is undoubted and the young actress manages to capture the attention of many other directorsa rising star of Hollywood. Rachel Zegler stars in Shazam – Fury of the Gods in fact, to be released in April 2022 in American cinemas. The film is directed by David F. Sandberg and starring Zachary Levi. She is also chosen for playing Snow White in the Disney remake. In short, his career is now well underway.

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Rachel Zegler in the movie Snow White

Filming for the new live-action from Disney kicked off in January 2022 in Vancouver, Canada, a film they will feature in many new original songs. Disney hopes these songs will become as famous as the ones in the 1937 feature film.

Disney’s decision to choose for the role of Princess Snow White an actress of Colombian origin has attracted a lot of criticism. The production company said these stereotypes need to be silenced and that Rachel is perfect for the role, an actress. young, genuine, not at all artificial, with a voice that is simply incredible. Disney has also faced many criticisms regarding the choice of keep the dwarves within the storycriticisms coming mainly from famous actor Peter Dinklage. Following these criticisms, Disney has decided that the dwarfs will not be there. In their place we will find magical creatures. No further details have been given, but it looks like they should play the same role as the dwarves anyway.

Recall that the direction of the new Disney live-action was entrusted to Marc Webb. The script is by Greta Gerwig and the music is edited by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Other actors in the Snow White film include Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen and Andrew Burnap. We still don’t know what her character will be, which seems to have been created specifically for this live-action.

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