Provider inspires entrepreneur from China with a singular gesture

  • The inspiring video of a supplier sent from China to an entrepreneur is already circulating on different social networks.

  • More and more entrepreneurs decide to share their projects seeking to take advantage of the momentum of social networks.

  • The TikTok platform is one of the favorites of small entrepreneurs, since they usually use the short video format to generate content.

An entrepreneur showed an emotional video shared by her supplier from China. This fact delighted the followers of his TikTok account, who are faithful apprentices of his teachings.

Much of its content is about importation and how to price shipments to different parts of the world. Likewise, he often shares advice on how to deal with suppliers in order to achieve success as an entrepreneur.

The TikTok social network, in this sense, has become one of the most important. There are many short videos that have been positioned, showing how much you can Earn by selling, for example, Esquites and Cornor from unexpected successful ventures such as the sell sweets in a high school.

Meanwhile, interest in entrepreneurship is growing and more and more people are leaving conventional jobs to bet on generating their own income.

In fact, according to the Business Demographics Study conducted by the Inegi, there are about 4.4 million micro, small and medium enterprises. The same dependence reveals that they generate an economic value comparable to 19.3 percent of that figure of the country’s GDP.

In short, 26 out of every 100 pesos are generated by informal business initiatives. For this reason, this sector has proven to be increasingly as important as the formal sector has been.

Provider inspires entrepreneur from China with a singular gesture

An entrepreneur shared this emotional video about her provider on Alibaba in China, which demonstrates the importance of a personalized treatment with the client. At a time when demand is so great that it is practically impossible to treat a customer as unique, this supplier achieves it.

In both videos, the Alibaba supplier is seen standing in a kind of warehouse, with the leaves of a cherry tree on her. In this short but emotional video she mentions the following:

Hello, MAMI SELL EVERYTHING, the trees you requested are ready to be shipped to Peru. Thanks a lot for the trust”.

These are the two videos shared by the account holder, where the tree design is different:

@mamivendelotodo My ALIBABA supplier 🇨🇳 sent me this video 😱 #fy #parati #fypage #importaciones #importadechina #alibaba #emprendimiento ♬ original sound – Daniela Otoya Angulo
@mamivendelotodo Reply to @clawsy09 also sent me this one with the second tree model we are bringing 🥺✨ #importaciones #fy #fyp #parati #importadechina #alibaba ♬ original sound – Daniela Otoya Angulo

Both videos managed to arouse applause from users, who shared their feelings about such a unique gesture. Furthermore, some of them even shared personal experiences and supportive comments.

Here are some of the featured comments on the post:

“What a nice gesture to know that everything is fine and real!”, claudia canova

“I love you, provider who makes videos to inspire confidence”, Tanya Gutierrez

“They are like that, once I bought a team and she sent us things from China by mail and we sent things from Colombia by mail. We are still friends.” analopez20131

“My supplier already knows how to say cool”, user2576464809223

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